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Metro General Government

Monthly Meetings:

General Meeting 2nd Tuesday, 6-7pm

Library Dept  First Thursday 7-8 and Sunday 6-7

Health Dept 2nd Wednesday 6-7

Parks Dept 3rd Tuesday 6-7

Water Dept Last Saturday 10am

The Metro General Government (or “Metro”) chapter of SEIU Local 205 is one of the most diverse. It is made up of a combination of blue-collar and white-collar workers who work across dozens of city departments doing skilled and unskilled labor that keeps Tennessee’s capital city running for local residents and the hundreds of thousands of tourists who visit Music City every day.

And while the union members in the Metro chapter may come from different backgrounds, have different skills, and work in different kinds of work settings, one thing that SEIU members have learned is how to work together towards common goals: protecting workers’ rights, benefits, improving pay, dignity and respect on the job, and a commitment to excellence and quality public services.

For Metro Members

Political Action

Community Action

Workplace Action