2018 State Legislature Roundup

tennessee-state-capitol_1552938 copyThis was a quieter session of the legislature than normal, primarily because of legislators who were gearing up to run for higher statewide office. Several anti-union bills which were drafted early in the session, died a quiet death in subcommittees and were not brought to votes, though most expect to see these bills make a reappearance next year once the dust has settled on the November elections.

The Republican supermajority at the state legislature refused attempts to expand Medicaid and extend healthcare coverage to thousands of Tennesseans, and instead moved forward with a bill to implement work requirements for Medicaid, making it even harder for Tennessee families to stay covered.

The legislature also passed a bill exempting some “app-based” companies from legal liability. This bill continues a trend in the ‘gig economy’ of allowing companies to classify people as “independent contractors” instead of as “employees”, eroding their rights to benefits and work safety protections.


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