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SEIU Members Polling on the Titans Stadium Deal

December 14, 2022

SEIU Members Polling on the Titans Stadium Deal

Nashville Metro Council is considering a proposal to build a new stadium for the Tennessee Titans. To better understand how our members and Metro employees feel about this potential deal, SEIU Local 205 commissioned a poll with Change Research. Below are the findings of the poll.

SEIU Local 205 Davidson County Poll Conducted by Change Research

207 Interviews in Davidson County, November 18 - December 1, 2022

D1. Are you male or female?

41%     Male

59         Female

D2. Age

21%     18 to 34

35         35 to 49

36         50 to 64

8          65+

D3. What is your race?

49%     Black or African American

41         White / Caucasian

5          Hispanic or Latino/a

1          Asian / Pacific Islander

0          American Indian or Alaska Native

3          Other

D4. What is the highest level of education you have completed?

13%     High school diploma or less

29         Some college, but no degree

13         Associate’s degree, or two-year college degree

28         Bachelor’s degree, or four-year college degree

16         Graduate degree

Q1. Which of the following are the most important issues that you think the Nashville city government should be spending money on? Please pick no more than TWO.

52%     Constructing affordable housing units

45         Public education

37         Address the homelessness crisis

28         Address rising crime

23         Roads

22         Public transportation

9          Invest in green jobs and make Nashville a leader in the green economy

3          A new Tennessee Titans football stadium

3          None of these

Q2. How much has Nashville’s population growth benefited you and your family?

7%       A lot

16         Some

35         Not too much

42         Not at all

Q3. How often do you attend Tennessee Titans football games?

11%     More than once per year

11         Once per year

34         Once every couple years

45         I have never been to a Tennessee Titans game

Q4. Do you agree or disagree that taxpayer money should be used to fund professional sports?

5%       Strongly agree

15         Somewhat agree

18         Somewhat disagree

58         Strongly disagree

4          Not sure

20        Total Agree

76        Total Disagree

Q5. The city of Nashville is considering building a brand new football stadium for the Tennessee Titans. Do you support or oppose this plan?

12%     Strongly support

17         Somewhat support

17         Somewhat oppose

42         Strongly oppose

11         Not sure

29        Total Support

59        Total Oppose

Q6. The city of Nashville is considering building a brand new football stadium for the Tennessee Titans. Alternatively, the city could renovate the existing stadium. Would you prefer that the city of Nashville build a new stadium, renovate the existing stadium, or do neither?

23%     Build a new stadium

42         Renovate the existing stadium

21         Neither

14         Not sure

The following are some reasons that people give for supporting or opposing the construction of a brand new stadium for the Tennessee Titans:

“Nashville is already one of the best live event cities in the world. The new stadium would be the ultimate multipurpose building that could finally accommodate the world’s biggest events from the Super Bowl and The Final Four to community programs. The new stadium would serve Nashville and Tennessee for generations.”

“We don’t have a choice. Either we spend a lot of money renovating the old stadium or we spend a lot of money making a new one. We might as well invest a little extra money in making a modern stadium from scratch than trying to save the old one.”

“The current stadium would be demolished and its site transformed into a beautiful neighborhood with green space and other great city amenities.”

“During the $1 billion Music City Center project, many metro workers and construction workers were promised raises that they never ended up receiving. How do we know that workers won’t get similarly poor treatment during this project?”

“This project would cost $2 billion dollars of taxpayer money, the most expensive stadium in history. We shouldn’t be spending so much money on sports when there are so many other serious issues that need to be addressed.”

“There is no reason why we need to spend $2 billion of taxpayer money on a brand new stadium when we could spend less than HALF that amount to renovate the existing stadium.”

“This construction project could endanger the lives of the construction workers put on the job. Nashville has had 20 workplace deaths for construction workers since 2016. Unless officials can ensure a safe work environment, this project should not go forward.”

“The city is only trying to build a new stadium with a dome because they think it’s the only way the NFL will host a Super Bowl in Nashville.”

Now that you have read some more, do you support or oppose the plan to build a new football stadium for the Tennessee Titans?

11%     Strongly support

26         Somewhat support

15         Somewhat oppose

41         Strongly oppose

6          Not sure

37        Total Support

56        Total Oppose

Q10. Now that you have read some more, do you think the city of Nashville should build a new stadium, renovate the existing stadium, or do neither?

25%     Build a new stadium

38         Renovate the existing stadium

24         Neither

13         Not sure

Q11. Would you be more or less likely to vote for a candidate for Mayor or Metro Council who supports the current plan to build a new stadium?

8%       Much more likely to vote for

10         Somewhat likely to vote for

37         Makes no difference

23         Somewhat less likely to vote for

22         Much less likely to vote for

18        Total More Likely

45        Total Less Likely