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SEIU Local 205 Endorses Steve Mulroy for District Attorney

June 14, 2022

SEIU Local 205 Endorses Steve Mulroy for District Attorney

NASHVILLE - On Tuesday, June 14th, SEIU Local 205 announced their endorsement of Steve Mulroy for District Attorney in Shelby County.

Brenda Shields, a Cafeteria Manager from Shelby County Schools and SEIU member said, “Steve Mulroy has served our County well and proven that he has our interests at heart. He is committed to reforming the criminal justice system, and we’re proud to support him.”

Local 205 President Brad Rayson said, “SEIU members are committed to fighting against systemic racism and building a more just society. For too long, the criminal justice system has disproportionally punished Black and Brown people. Steve Mulroy has a record of fighting against injustice and he is the best person to become the next District Attorney for Shelby County.”

Barbara Hill, also a union member from Shelby County Schools added, “it should be obvious to everyone we need a change in the District Attorney’s office, and Steve Mulroy is the change we need. He will end discriminatory practices and focus on things that actual make our county safer.”

After receiving the endorsement, Steve Mulroy said, "As a lifelong supporter of labor, I'm proud to have the continued support of SEIU and its members.  They educate our kids, keep our hospitals running, and serve as advocates for needed change in Shelby County.  This endorsement is a great example of our campaign's continuing momentum.”

The Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) has a membership of over 2 million members in the public and private sector. In Tennessee, SEIU Local 205 represents thousands of public service and healthcare workers across the state, including employees of Metro-Nashville Davidson County.