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Metro Parks Employees Have Done Nothing Wrong, Should Not Be Harmed for Metro’s Mistake

January 26, 2021

Employees had no way to know they were receiving an overpayment and now Metro plans to deduct money from their pay to get it back

NASHVILLE - Metro Nashville notified employees of the Metro Parks department this week that they unknowingly received an overpayment for Hazard Pay and that Metro will “reclaim” this money through payroll deductions over an “extended period of time.” Following that news, Brad Rayson, President of SEIU Local 205, released the following statement.

“These employees have done nothing wrong. They had no reason to believe the payment they received right before the holidays was an error. So they likely did what most of us would do, spend the money on gifts for family and friends, pay bills, catch up on some debt, or do something they ordinarily wouldn’t do. The city acknowledged this wasn’t the employee's fault, but they are still attempting to reclaim the money from their wages. The impact for these employees could be devastating. We’re working with our members, Metro Council, and Mayor Cooper’s administration to find a solution that doesn’t harm employees.”

The Service Employees International Union (“SEIU”) has a membership of over 2 million members in the public and private sector. In Tennessee, SEIU Local 205 represents thousands of public service and healthcare workers across the state, including employees of Metro-Nashville Davidson County.