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Chattanooga City Endorsements 2021

January 25, 2021

Chattanooga Slate - FB Post

On Monday, January 25th, the SEIU Local 205 COPE Committee announced our endorsements for the 2021 Chattanooga City Elections. Jenny Hill (District 2), Dennis Clark (District 5), Carol Berz (District 6), Raquetta Dotley (District 7), Marie Mott (District 8), and Demetrus Coonrod (District 9) are our choices for this general election. The COPE Committee participated in a thorough vetting process both internally and as part of the Chattanooga Area Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO.

Blondel Garner, an SEIU member and Head Start Teaching Assistant for the City of Chattanooga said, "These candidates will be champions for Chattanooga's working families and the issues that impact our lives. All of them expressed their support for our Fight for $15 campaign to lift all city workers to at least $15/hour. That will have an impact on every working person in the area to give them greater bargaining power in their workplace."

Stephen Russell, an SEIU member and Accounting Technician for the City of Chattanooga said, "We're excited to have so many candidates who are ready to bring us together and solve the problems our city faces. Whether it is creating affordable housing, strengthening our early childhood education programs or ensuring local workers get an opportunity as our city continues to grow, we know all of these candidates will fight for us."

Alonzo Strickland, an Equipment Operator for Chattanooga Public Works said, "This is an exciting and important year for Chattanooga. We're optimistic about the future of the city, and know that when we come together, across our differences, we can make this city a place where everyone can thrive. We're ready to get to work supporting our candidates and letting voters know why we support them."