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SEIU Statement on MNPS Return to Virtual Learning

November 24, 2020

We support Dr. Battle and our School Board’s focus on demonstrated science and proven facts in making decisions regarding our schools. There is no perfect or easy answer, but we know that they keep the safety of students and staff top of mind every day.

We have to recognize that even when schools have been open, the conditions have not been  ideal. These conditions are far from the learning environment students need to thrive. The only way that environment will return is for us to break the back of the COVID virus, so that schools can safely and fully reopen. That will take all of us doing our part, backing those willing to make the tough decisions, and being patient.

In the meantime Local 205 members are stepping up! Food Service workers are making sure all students get the nutritious meals they need, whether they are learning from home or in the classroom. Paraprofessionals are helping their students be the best they can be, whether they are at the student’s side or assisting them by computer. Every MNPS support staff continues to play a special, essential role in our kids’ education, regardless of where they are working.

Many MNPS staff are not just employees; they are parents of MNPS students too. They face the multiple challenges of holding down a job, helping their children learn, and keeping themselves and their families safe. Our Union will continue to support and assist our members so they can meet these challenges.

Brad Rayson

President, SEIU Local 205