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SEIU Endorses in Nashville School Board Races

July 8, 2020

NASHVILLE, TN – On Tuesday, June 26th, the SEIU Local 205 COPE Committee announced endorsements in the upcoming Metro Nashville School Board elections. SEIU represents support staff in MNPS.

Lilldeus Hereth, a paraprofessional at Tulip Grove Elementary Schools said of the slate of endorsements, “We are close to having a board that truly understands our students, employees and the entire city. Now more than ever, we need a diverse and united board that champions quality education for all students from every part of Nashville.”

Dana Raefsnyder, also at Tulip Grove said, “These candidates understand that everyone involved in the school system from food service to bus drivers to paraprofessionals to teachers play an equally important role. None of us can do our jobs without the others doing theirs. That’s the mindset we need on the board.”

Chris Gill, a parapro at Shwab Elementary Schools added, “We know there are racial inequities in our schools system, just as there are in our city and our country. We endorsed candidates we know are committed to addressing those problems and making sure every child in Nashville gets a great education, no matter their zip code.”

District 1 - Dr. Sharon Gentry

District 3 - Emily Masters

District 5 - Christiane Buggs

District 7 - Freda Player-Peters

District 9 - Abigail Tylor