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We Are Now Accepting Applications for "LEADERSHIP ACADEMY"!

May 21, 2019




The purpose of the program is to develop a diverse, committed group of leaders who are prepared to be visible and vocal leaders for our union over the next years.


The intended outcomes for participants in the program are:

Who the Program is Intended For

The program seeks to develop a diverse cadre of emerging leaders who will help lead our Union .

Program Components

Retreat Dates

Retreat #1:  August 22-24 Retreat #2: October 9-11

Learning Project with presentation at the Local Union’s January 2020 Executive Board Meeting

Application Process

  1. Board member, Chief Stewards, and Staff are invited to sponsor emerging member leaders taking into account the criteria stated in the program description.  Each nominee must have a sponsor.
  2. Nominees are invited to apply to the program using the application form.
  3. Applications are due June 28, 2019
  4. Applications are reviewed by the Local 205 Executive Committee and the cohort is formed taking into account the desire to have a diverse learning environment.
  5. Those who are accepted into the program are notified via email July 17, 2019.
  6. Those who are not accepted into the program are notified via email and they are placed on a waiting list.
  7. Participants will use release time, or Union Time (replacement wages) to attend the retreats.