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Spike In COPE Contributors Bolsters 2018 Political Program!

December 1, 2018

COPE_logo copyIn 2018, our local ran a member leadership program focused on growing our Committee On Political Engagement (COPE). COPE is how our members participate in politics and elections.

20 member leaders volunteered for trainings on talking to fellow members about voting, recruiting volunteers, signing up new COPE contributors, and using new communication tools. Overall, more than 120 new COPE contributors were signed up in 2018!

"The training was very informative and it caused me to realize my responsibility to help protect the progress our union has made by supporting political candidates and community organizations that share the same values as the working class and are working toward uplifting them," said Laura Collison, a service advisor at Nashville Electric Service.

Our 2018 member leadership program was a huge success and we hope to build on that in this year’s local elections.