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SEIU Still Fighting & Winning for Support Staff in Metro Schools!

August 10, 2013

Despite what you may have heard from some administrators, SEIU Local 205 is still representing support staff working in the Metro Nashville Public Schools.

Whether it's filing grievances, handling disciplinary meetings, or getting information to our members in the workplace, SEIU is still on the job and we’re still signing up new members to join in the struggle to bring dignity and respect into the workplace despite all obstacles. Here are just a few of the things your Union has done recently for its members:

Job Placement Because Dr. Register did away with workers rights in the Support Employee Handbook that was negotiated by workers, many MNPS employees found themselves without a job at the end of the school year. SEIU representatives worked tirelessly to make sure that our members did not slip through the cracks.

We monitored the process of displacement and job elimination, we assisted on transfers, and ensured that dozens of loyal MNPS employees were able to stay employed this year and are able to get back to serving students.

Representation Thanks to effective representation by SEIU…

Political Action SEIU helped elect a pro-labor candidate to the Metro School Board in the last election against all odds and it was a story that made national headlines. SEIU continues to meet with School Board members, elected officials, and community partners to ensure MNPS employees’ rights are protected.