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VICTORY! Health Dept. Worker Gets His Day in Court and Wins!

December 5, 2012

Igor Mihic is a clerk working for the Metro Health Department in Nashville. After Igor was injured on duty, a series of events went into motion that ultimately threatened not just Igor’s job, but his professional reputation as well.

Rather than take things laying down, Igor immediately called his union representative at SEIU Local 205 to make sure that his rights were protected and that he got a fair hearing.

“There were some things said about me that weren’t true and the department didn’t even do an investigation, so I decided to call the Union for help,” Igor says. SEIU represented Igor during his disciplinary hearing and then again by providing an attorney during his appeal in front of an administrative law judge. In the end, the judge overturned the punishment that the department gave to Igor and the Health Department’s board sided with Igor and the judge.

“I can’t say enough about how helpful SEIU was for me when I needed them,” Igor says. “I am grateful that the Union stood by me and fought for me through the whole ordeal.”