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At Metro General Services, Workers Are Part of the Solution on Scheduling Issues!

May 27, 2012

When Management decided to unilaterally change the work schedules of employees working in the Heavy Vehicle Shop, they didn’t give much thought as to how this would impact the lives of employees. Rather than just complaining about it, the workers did the smart thing and called the Union. Before long, the Union Rep had scheduled a meeting with the workers, the department head, and other key decision makers to work out a solution that everyone could agree on.

“They were ready to just push this through, but now we have a better situation where people felt like they had a say in the matter,” says Daryl Hawkins, a shop steward.  “Now, the people who wanted the new schedule volunteered for it and the ones who didn’t want to change schedules didn’t have to. So far, I’ve heard no complaints.”