Workplace Victories

SEIU Helps Win “Paid Family Leave” Benefit for Metro Employees!

Thanks to ongoing advocacy by SEIU members, Metro Government employees in Nashville now receive paid family leave as part of their benefits package.

The MNPS Budget Includes Raises and Pay Study Recommended by SEIU Thanks to Members Taking Action!

The 2017-2018 operating budget for Metro Schools includes the major priorities which SEIU members have communicated to the school board and Dr. Joseph since the beginning of the school year.

Wage Improvements @ MDHA!

For nearly three years, employees at the Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency (MDHA) in Nashville went without cost-of-living raises even though they were asked to do more with less thanks to several factors including a dip in Federal funding for the agency.

Major Improvements for Corrections Officers & Others @ Davidson County Sheriff’s Office!

As the union for employees at the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office, Local 205 has been aggressive about improving the pay and training for corrections officers.

A Fresh Start Between SEIU and MNPS!

After years of political and legal wrangling with the Metro Nashville public school district, SEIU Local 205 has come to an agreement with the district that brings an era of conflict and controversy to a close.

Local 205 Is Winning for Healthcare Workers in Nashville!

After helping in the effort to secure emergency funding for Nashville General Hospital, SEIU Local 205 has also been successful helping hospital workers on the job.

Metro Health Department Restores Stepped Pay Plan!

At their March meeting, the Board of Health adopted a new pay structure that restores hundreds of Health Department employees into a stepped pay plan and removes them from “open range” classifications!

Union Wins “Weather Grievance” @ Medegen!

When a major snowstorm rolled through West Tennessee last year, company officials at Medegen Medical Products disciplined dozens of workers who were unable to make it to work or got there late because of the weather…

Metro Government & Local 205 Extend Labor Agreement

After multiple meet-and-confer sessions between Metro officials and the union’s Bargaining Committee, the Civil Service Commission approved a six-month extension of the current Memorandum of Understanding between the city of Nashville and Local 205.

Solidarity Stops Controversial Changes to Health Department Work Rules!

Workers from across the Metro Public Health Department came together to stop controversial changes to the department’s Civil Service Rules which would have weakened employees’ rights and impacted service to the public in Nashville.

Look @ What We’ve Accomplished Together in 2015!

Whether it was bargaining new union contracts, taking to the airwaves, hosting training conferences, or winning election campaigns, SEIU Local 205 had a big year in 2015!

New Contract at Medegen!

Local 205 reached a new three-year contract with Medegen Medical Products, which is based in Gallaway, TN. The agreement was overwhelmingly approved by the membership.

SEIU Negotiates New Contract w/ St. Francis Hospital!

The union wrapped up negotiations on a new contract with St. Francis Hospital in Memphis.

The Effort to Gut Metro Employee Benefits Fails!

After a nearly two-year struggle, we are happy to report that the Metro Employee Benefit Board has rejected any cuts to the pension or retiree health benefits for Metro employees!

SEIU Helps Create Consistent, Fair Policies for Chattanooga City Employees In Historic Partnership!

Beginning in September, Chattanooga city employees will have a new set of policies and procedures that were developed in partnership between city officials and SEIU Local 205. This is the first time that workers in all departments will have universal rules to follow and the administration will have a clear and consistent process to handle a variety of situations.

Solidarity & Persistence Pays Off for Workers in Shelby County Schools!

About four years ago in an unexpected and unprecedented move, the Memphis city school board surrendered their charter, leaving the Shelby County school district with the responsibility for managing the school system.

NES Members Negotiate New Agreement!

The Union’s contract committee at Nashville Electric Service (“NES”) completed negotiations on a new five-year agreement between SEIU Local 205 and the Power Board which includes dozens of improvements for workers.

Despite Threats on Several Fronts, SEIU “Survives and Thrives” In Metro Government in 2015!

“They’ve been throwing everything and the kitchen sink at us all year and we’ve not only survived, we’ve thrived,” says Antonio McKissack, a water maintenance leader who serves as the chief union steward for Local 205’s Metro chapter.

Workers in Metro Parks Get Time Restored Thanks to Pro-Active Member!

When snow and ice blanketed Middle Tennessee in February and March, Metro Parks – like many other city departments – wrestled with how to keep services going without putting employees at risk unnecessarily. But what the Parks department came up with wasn’t consistent.

Union Wins Grievance, Health Department Member Gets Out-Of-Class Pay!

“No good deed goes unpunished,” said Richard Smiley, who works in one of the Health Department clinics. Richard was trying to help out his section and his co-workers by agreeing to serve as an interim supervisor while the department recruited a permanent replacement. The Civil Service Rules for the Health Department say that if someone is assigned duties that are above and beyond their job classification, they are to receive out-of-class pay. Well, Richard did not get his out-of-class pay.