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ChapterLogo_StFrancisSaint Francis Hospital-Memphis is a leading medical center for Memphis and the Mid-South.

Our 42 acre campus is home to the hospital, two medical office buildings and the University of Tennessee/Saint Francis Family Practice Residency Building. With 519 beds and a wide spectrum of inpatient and outpatient services, Saint Francis Hospital-Memphis can provide you the care you need.

St. Francis Hospital Labor Agreement (pdf)

SEIU Negotiates New Contract w/ St. Francis Hospital!

The union wrapped up negotiations on a new contract with St. Francis Hospital in Memphis.

The bargaining committee, which was made up of Donald Dotson, Ruby Parsons, Johnnie Murphy, and Vetta Cunningham, negotiated the following improvements:

  • 2.5% raise for each year of the contract
  • Retroactive pay
  • The bottom wage scale was lifted and now no bargaining unit employee will make less than $10/hr.
  • Improvements in the 401(k) program
  • The formation of a new labor/management committee to address staffing and quality care

This was a three year agreement and it expires in August of 2018.

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VICTORY! Local 205 Protecting Jobs @ St. Francis Hospital!

Two terminations were overturned and employees sent back to work and two terminations were reduced to suspensions thanks to effective union representation at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis.

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Workers Vote YES on First Contract @ St. Francis Hospital!

SEIU members gather for a Q&A session on their first union contract at St. Francis Hospital.

SEIU members gather for a Q&A session on their first union contract at St. Francis Hospital.

After many months of organizing and negotiating, workers at St. Francis Hospital in Memphis turned out to vote for their first union contract.

The new contract applies to service and technical employees and is a three-year agreement. Included is a wage increase of 7.5% over the term of the agreement, a grievance procedure that allows a neutral, third-party arbitration, a limit on increases to health insurance premiums, and provisions on job security, seniority recognition, and job bidding.

The Union’s Bargaining Committee, made up of Jackie Dennis, Cliffrie Morgan, Donald Dotson Sr., and Ruby Parson had recommended a ‘Yes’ vote to the membership. In the end, 96% of SEIU members voted Yes.

“Negotiating a first contract is a very tense time and it can sometimes be very frustrating, but I am really proud of the Bargaining Team,” said Doug Collier, President of SEIU Local 205. “The Committee members did an excellent job and their co-workers should be proud of them”.

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