Metro Nashville Public Schools


SEIU Members and MNPS Officials Meet for a “Fresh Start”!

Nearly 100 school support staff came to the SEIU Local 205 union hall on a Saturday morning to meet director of Metro schools Dr. Shawn Joseph and hear his responses from the union’s Workers Committee.

School Support Staff Request Study to Fix Pay Inequality in Nashville!

Food service workers, paraprofessionals, secretaries, and dozens of Metro Nashville Public Schools support employees crowded into the December school board meeting to urge the board to commission a pay study for support employees.

A Clean Sweep for SEIU’s Candidates in Local Nashville Elections!

We are thrilled to report that after the votes were counted, ALL of the candidates endorsed by Local 205 in Nashville’s local races won their elections!

SEIU Announces Endorsements for Metro School Board!

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205, the labor organization representing support employees working in the Metro Nashville Public Schools, announced the names of candidates the organization will be supporting in the School Board elections to be held on August 4, 2016.

A Fresh Start Between SEIU and MNPS!

After years of political and legal wrangling with the Metro Nashville public school district, SEIU Local 205 has come to an agreement with the district that brings an era of conflict and controversy to a close.

The Effort to Gut Metro Employee Benefits Fails!

After a nearly two-year struggle, we are happy to report that the Metro Employee Benefit Board has rejected any cuts to the pension or retiree health benefits for Metro employees!

Union Member’s Son Wins $10,000 Scholarship from SEIU Local 205!

Margaret Pond, a paraprofessional working in the Metro Nashville Public Schools, was pleasantly surprised to say the least to find out that her son Addison was the winner of a $10,000 scholarship from Local 205.

Fact Check: SEIU Responds to Pew Presentation on Pension & Retiree Medical Benefits

On a Friday afternoon, while city employees were still at work and unable to attend, the Study & Formulating Committee met to hear a presentation from Pew Charitable Trusts about the pension and health benefits of Metro employees. And as usual, the committee chair carefully chose questions that fits with the adminstration’s narrative which wrongfully suggests that there is some kind of funding or solvency crisis because of employee benefits that requires “reform”.

Nashville Public Employees Respond to Pew Report on Benefits

Hundreds of Nashville firefighters, nurses, law enforcement officers, librarians, water technicians, school employees, and other public service workers and retirees spoke out against a proposal by Pew Charitable Trusts to cut public employee and retiree benefits at a meeting of the Study and Formulating Committee.

SEIU-Endorsed Candidate Pulls Major Upset Over School Board Chair in Nashville

Cheryl Mayes is the latest Metro school board chair to find herself ousted from elected office thanks to the strength of SEIU’s political program.

Pew/Arnold Study on Metro Benefits Causes Confusion and Controversy

Representatives from Pew Charitable Trusts caused confusion and controversy at a meeting of the Study & Formulating Committee when they revealed data about the Metro employee pension fund that conflicted with data presented by the city’s actuaries.

Court Rules in Favor of SEIU vs. Metro Schools

Davidson County Chancellor Claudia Bonnyman sided with SEIU Local 205 in the union’s lawsuit against Metro Nashville Public Schools. The case began in 2011, when Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register unilaterally “rescinded” a school board policy that had been in place since 2000 which, among other things, allowed school support staff to elect bargaining representatives (in this case, Local 205) and which required the superintendent to meet and confer to develop a Memorandum of Understanding.

SEIU Endorses Tyese Hunter in MNPS District 6!

Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205, the labor organization representing support employees working in the Metro Nashville Public Schools, announced that in District 6, SEIU is supporting Tyese Hunter who is challenging the current school board chair, Cheryl Mayes.

SEIU Files IRS Complaint Against Tennessee Charter Group’s Tax Status

SEIU Local 205 was one of several labor groups who have filed a complaint with the Internal Revenue Service. The complaint suggests that the Tennessee Charter School Center exists only as a lobbying organization and shouldn’t qualify for tax-exempt status.

SEIU Wins Two Lawsuits Against Metro Nashville School District!

Since 2010, Local 205 has been in a pitched battle with Metro Nashville Public Schools director Jesse Register ever since Register ordered the layoff of nearly 700 school custodians. Local 205 filed two lawsuits to challenge Register’s power grab and has won both of them. Here’s an update.

SEIU Still Fighting & Winning for Support Staff in Metro Schools!

Despite what you may have heard from some administrators, SEIU Local 205 is still representing support staff working in the Metro Nashville Public Schools.

SEIU Makes the Difference in Nashville School Board Races

SEIU members were thrilled to have helped elect Amy Frogge to the Metro School Board in the election’s biggest upset. Frogge, a public school parent, PTO president, and attorney, ran against a corporate executive who raised over $115,000 (and counting) and a well-known former Metro Council member. SEIU was the only organization to endorse Frogge, who won in a landslide even though she was outspent by nearly 5-to-1.

MNPS Misleads Public About Layoffs of Special-Ed Employees

When Metro Nashville Public Schools first announced that they would be laying off 130 special-education paraprofessionals, they said it was because of stimulus funding that ran out for recent hires. But as Channel 4’s Nancy Amons discovered, workers with decades …

Parents Revolt, Demand Answers for Layoff of Over 130 Special-Ed Instructors

Parents of special needs children in Metro Nashville Public Schools were outraged at the decision by the district to eliminate the jobs of approximately 130 special-ed paraprofessionals across the city.

Local 205 Wins Lawsuit Against Metro Schools!

According to a ruling by a Chancery Court judge in Nashville, the Metro school board is required to act as a board of appeals for discharged employees, per the Metro charter and state law. Just as importantly, the ruling lays the groundwork for a larger issue: that the school board cannot give away its authority to a Director of Schools or other administrators. This is a crucial argument that the Union has been making for nearly a year as the Metro school board has allowed Dr. Jesse Register to make changes to the district’s labor policy and other procedures.

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