Metro Development and Housing Agency


The Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (“MDHA”) serves the citizens of Nashville by providing safe, decent, and affordable housing to thousands of families. 

Along with the expansion of its housing programs, MDHA has assisted over the years in all phases of land assembly, design and development, and has seen the initiation and completion of several downtown development projects during these decades of Nashville’s growth.

MDHA Memorandum of Understanding (pdf)

Wage Improvements @ MDHA!

Union stewards for the MDHA chapter of Local 205.

Union stewards for the MDHA chapter of Local 205.

For nearly three years, employees at the Metropolitan Development & Housing Agency (MDHA) in Nashville went without cost-of-living raises even though they were asked to do more with less thanks to several factors including a dip in Federal funding for the agency.

But thanks to solidarity along with a strategic plan that involved meetings with agency officials, board members, and local politicians, Local 205 was able to win a 3% wage increase in September.

“This was a long struggle, but worth the effort,” said Nat King Cole, a maintenance technician who serves as the chapter’s Chief Steward. “If we are going to continue to make improvements to our pay, benefits, and to services, we have to stick together and keep our union strong.”

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