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We Will Miss You, Sam Price!

Sam Price worked in the Critical Care Unit of Methodist Medical Center.

Sam Price worked in the Critical Care Unit of Methodist Medical Center.

Time is perhaps our most precious commodity, and once it passes, it is lost forever. It is with great sadness that we pay tribute to a wonderful man, inside and out.  Sam Price was an example of greatness in so many ways.  He took each day in stride, always put others first, could put a smile on the face of anyone, and filled the world with love.  He was selfless, hardworking, understanding, and absolutely amazing.  His death has left an empty spot that can never be filled.

Sam was loving and real. He was a wonderful father, grandfather, and brother.  He was also dedicated to helping close friends in Kosovo.  In addition, Sam was a wonderful friend, co-worker, and strong union member.  He was truly the glue that held us together at MMC.  He possessed a gentle and caring nature.  Sam believed in being authentic with people.  He always knew what to say and how to say it.  Sam always fought for what he believed was right.  He was our advocate and a pillar of strength.

While the world suffered a huge loss on December 10, 2015, we have to find peace in the fact that Sam’s beautiful spirit will live on through his family and many friends.

Rest in Peace our dear precious Sam!

Those we love remain with us,

for love itself lives on.

Cherished memories never fade,

Because a loved one is gone.

Those we love can never be

More than a thought apart.

For as long as there is a memory,

They will live on in our heart.

-Author Unknown

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In Memoriam: 2015

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of these SEIU members who left us in 2015…

 Members_AlbertBurke Albert Burke served as the vice-president of the local’s Retiree chapter. He was a retired inspections supervisor from Metro Water Services.
Members_RandyBreedlove2 Randy Breedlove was a maintenance & repair leader for the Stormwater division of Metro Water Services and had won a grievance against the department shortly before he passed.
Members_GeorgeJohnson George Johnson was a water maintenance leader for Metro Water Services and has been a union member since 2006.
 Members_SamPrice Sam Price worked at Methodist Medical Center as an RN and served as a shop steward. Click here to read a special tribute to Sam.
Jimmy Marler worked as a building maintenance mechanic at the City Hall Annex for the city of Chattanooga’s general services department.






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We Mourn the Loss of SEIU Members in San Bernardino

SEIU-memorialOur entire SEIU family mourns with the families of those affected by last week’s attacks. Our hearts are broken with the tragic loss of our fallen and injured sisters and brothers in San Bernardino.

Learn more about the 10 SEIU members who were killed and how their work touched the lives of their community on our memorial page. If you are an SEIU member, you can contribute to the Local 721 Member and Family Support Fund.

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Member Wins “Employee of the Month” at Methodist Medical!

Gary Hughes, unit secretary at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN.

Gary Hughes, unit secretary at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN.

Gary Hughes, a unit secretary for the oncology unit at Methodist Medical Center was named “MMCer Of the Month” in August.

Gary, who lives in Oak Ridge, served in the United States Navy for ten years and is a member of the Ridge Church. He has been with Methodist Medical Center since 2012 and has been a member of SEIU Local 205 since he started working there.As a unit secretary, Gary provides assistance to hospital visitors, patients, and staff as well as handling administrative duties for the oncology unit.

Gary is described by manager Sherry Barnett as “a delight to work with.” “Gary comes to work early and ready to work,” Sherry says. “He has a smile on his face, a can-do attitude, and I hear compliments about his work ethic from other departments. He goes above and beyond every day and you can count on him.”

The employee who nominated Gary says, “he is an asset to this hospital and in particular oncology. He anticipates problems prior to them becoming an issue and not only brings it to management’s attention, he also brings a potential solution.”

“The nurses really love him,” Sherry added. Another co-worker pointed out one of Gary’s other endearing attributes, “you can hear him smile on the phone.”

When asked about receiving the employee of the month award from Methodist, Gary was thrilled. “I’m extremely proud to work on Four West at Methodist,” he said. “And I’m honored to work with such excellent co-workers!”


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SEIU Local 205’s “Star Activists” of 2015!

Each year, SEIU Local 205 recognizes its most dedicated members at the Star Activist awards dinner.

Star Activists are determined by members’ participation at various SEIU activities throughout the year. The awards recognize three levels of activism based on a point system: the Silver tier, the Gold tier, and the Purple Platinum tier.

This year, the Star Activist dinner was held following the SPARK! Conference in Nashville. Take a look at this video honoring the union’s Star Activists for 2015:

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Member Spotlight: Gia Normille

Gia Normille, health unit coordinator at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN.

Gia Normille, health unit coordinator at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, TN.

We all know that sometimes bad things happen to good people. For the employees at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, it’s a good thing they have a Gia.

Gia Normille is a HUC (Health Unit Coordinator) on the pulmonary floor at MMC. She has been at Methodist since 2010, and her duties include answering call lights, gathering and organizing patient charts, and facilitating communication and flow for the doctors and staff. But Gia can always be found doing much more, little things that make a huge difference to the patients and their families. At any given time, she can be seen carrying a cup of coffee or a warm blanket to someone who maybe isn’t feeling well.

When Gia finds out that one of her union brothers or sisters is having a hardship, she spearheads a fundraiser to get help when it is needed the most. Employees from every corner of the hospital respond by bringing in food, from professionally decorated cupcakes, or up to 10 gallons of chili, carloads of chips and cheese, and many other mouth watering items. Then the employees come together for lunch, make a donation, and finer food can’t be found anywhere in the South.

When asked why she works so hard to organize these fundraisers, Gia simply says “People need help. I hope that if I ever need help, someone would do the same for me.”

Gia is married to husband Michael, and they have three children. She used to work at another hospital, but moved to Oak Ridge and transferred to MMC. One of the deciding factors in coming here was because of the Union. “I didn’t have the support at the other hospital like I have here,” Gia says. “The members of SEIU 205 are like family – I know they have my back and we support each other.”

In addition to all she does on the job and for her family, Gia also does her best to educate her co-workers about the benefits of joining the union. “I know many new employees really don’t know much about what the Union does,” she says. “I have been talking to them and explaining that we wouldn’t have the benefits that we have without a union contract. And I love that we have stewards everywhere, looking out for us. I recently had a conversation with a new RN, and signed her up! It was my first time getting a new member, and I loved it!”

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Member Spotlight: Exie Harrington

Exie Harrington: Circulation Assistant for Nashville Public Library.

Exie Harrington: Circulation Assistant for Nashville Public Library.

Exie Harrington may work at a library, but when it comes to union activism, she sure knows how to make some noise!

Exie, a circulation assistant at one of Nashville’s 20 branch libraries, joined SEIU back in 2012 and immediately tried to get more involved to build her union. Whether it was attending meetings or signing up her co-workers, Exie flew the union flag every day on the job—even though her worksite was not a particular “trouble spot” with a lot of employee grievances or issues.

It wasn’t long though, before Exie was directly affected by a new directive from the State of Tennessee. Governor Haslam issued new “navigator rules” as political retaliation against the Affordable Care Act which could have fined library employees, as well as healthcare workers, pastors, volunteers, and other public employees for assisting people who were trying to access information about the ACA. “In theory, if someone came to my library and asked where they could sign up for Obamacare, and I pointed them to information online, I could have gotten a fine,” Exie explained. “We show patrons every day how to sign up for housing and other public assistance and we have never had problems, but when it came to Obamacare… well, lets just say that there were some people who wanted to see it fail and they were willing to bully people to make it happen.” Exie was a co-plaintiff in a complaint made in Federal court against the state in a case known as “Harrington v. Haslam” and ultimately, the Governor’s office was forced to settle with plaintiffs in what was clearly a politically-motivated overreach and Haslam’s new navigator rules were suspended. The case set a national precedent that cleared the way in other states to prevent right-wing governors from blocking access to a lawful federal program.

For her courage, Exie was nominated for and won the 2014 Intellectual Freedom Award from the Tennessee Library Association—an award that salutes leaders in free speech and intellectual freedom. “This was a highlight of my career, but the real honor was making sure that people who need affordable healthcare can get it without interference from immoral legislators.”

Exie also serves as Assistant Chief Steward for the union’s Metro Government chapter and she’s an alternate on the local’s Executive Board.

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Local 205’s “Star Activists” Honored at Dinner in Nashville!

Our "Purple Platinum" activists who attended the 2014 Star Activist Dinner in Nashville.

Our “Purple Platinum” activists who attended the 2014 Star Activist Dinner in Nashville.

The Star Activist program helps our union achieve its goals of activating and mobilizing the membership. The program culminates in an awards dinner each November to recognize our most dedicated members. Star Activists are determined through tracking sign-in sheets and member participation at various union events throughout the year.

We are pleased to announce the slate of 2014 Star Activist members of SEIU Local 205!

SILVER Tier (15 activist points)

John Bell
James Bradley
Lynn Brannon
Ana Brown
James Brown
Julie Burns
Timothy Burns
Kristi Byrge
Fred Carney
Lorenzo Clark
Candy Cox
Maurice Fitten
John Fragans
Maurice Harding
Michelle Hardy
Barbara Hill
Kat Hogan
Timothy Holt
Arlanders Hunter
Forestine Lee
Linda Mabry
Antonio McKissack
Cliffrie Morgan
Nancy Orren
Elaine Owens
Steve Paoletto
Barbie Parman
Ruby Parson
Phyllis Perry
Sam Price
Bridget Radford
Terry Randall
Vanessa Robertson
Lill Russell
Eugene Scruggs
Recco Seay
Marcia Shaw
LaTasha Swanson
Rodney Swanson
Ann Warwick
Donna Watson
Todd Weller
Melissa Wells
John Wier
Jay Wilson
Debra Winston

GOLD Tier (30 points)

Margo Baker
Sondra Bryant
Nat King Cole
Terry Davis
Rosemary Freeman
Francis Garcia
Robert Hart
Robert Ledford
Nancy Nason
Michael Stephens
Alonzo Strickland
Lonnie Winston
Cyndy Workman

PURPLE PLATINUM Tier (50 points)

Pat Baker
Donald Dotson
Kay Golden
Charlie Hall
Aleisha Johnson
Larry Martin
Jeff Massey
Shawn Nevil
Stephen Porter
Sharron Pryor
Brenda Shields
Thomas Slaten
David Walker
Chris Weathers
Stephen West
Mark Witty

Congratulations to all our stars who worked hard to build their union and fight for Tennessee’s working families!

You can see photos from the Star Activist Dinner on Facebook.

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New Local 205 Officers Elected!

We would like to congratulate the following SEIU members who were elected in the Local officer elections on Nov. 25:

Recording Secretary:

KAY GOLDEN (Methodist Medical Center)
STEPHEN WEST (Chattanooga City Gov’t)

Chapter Officers (Nashville Electric Service):
CHARLIE HALL (1st Vice-President)
LARRY MARTIN (Membership Secretary)

Executive Board Alternate (Metro Gov’t chapter):
EXIE HARRINGTON (Nashville Public Library)

Executive Board Alternate (Metro ECC chapter):

Executive Board Delegate (St. Francis chapter):

Executive Board Alternate (St. Francis chapter):

These officers will join Local 205 President Doug Collier and the slate of officers that was elected by acclamation at the Local Convention on Nov. 2. Thanks to all the m

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We Salute Our 2013 Star Activists!

From L-R: Mary Kay Henry, Jeff Massey, Donald Dotson, Kay Golden, Stephen West, Tom Slaten, Doug Collier.

Our “Purple Platinum” star activists. From L-R: SEIU Int’l President Mary Kay Henry, Jeff Massey, Donald Dotson, Kay Golden, Stephen West, Tom Slaten, & Local 205 President Doug Collier.

In keeping with SEIU’s Member Strength program, Local 205’s “Shining Star” awards  were given to members who went above and beyond the call of duty in service of their union in 2013 by putting in the time to help their co-workers.

Whether it was through attending grievance hearings, signing up new members, working on political campaigns, or lobbying elected officials, our Star Activists set the standards for participation and commitment across our union. We proudly commend them for their hard work and their example.

Congratulations to this year’s Shining Stars!

Purple Platinum Tier 


Gold Tier


Silver Tier


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