SEIU Statement on Metro Schools Return to In Person Learning

We continue to support Dr. Battle and our School Board’s measured, fact-driven approach in deciding when and how to reopen schools. There are no easy answers, but using the city’s COVID-risk score as a guide and listening to parents, staff, and the broader community is the right way to go. This approach is far better than one based on threats to withhold essential funds from our already underfunded school system. We have seen the dire consequences across our state and our country when we try to get back to “normal” too quickly.

We also applaud Metro School’s continued investment in staff and in resources to make sure we have the safest working and learning conditions possible for students. The adoption of additional safety protocols and stronger cleaning measures are important additional steps. The hiring of nurses, the ongoing advocacy for vaccines for school workers, and the unique partnership with Meharry Medical College, further show the district’s commitment to making sure schools remain safe after they open.

We will continue to work with the school administration to address our members’ concerns as both employees and parents as schools open their doors.

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