We Salute Our 2019 “Star Activists”!

StarActivistAwards-2019_logAs recommended by Local 205’s Future Strength Committee in 2008, the Star Activist program helps our union achieve its goals of activating and mobilizing the membership. The program culminates in an awards dinner each November to recognize our most dedicated members.

Star Activists are determined through tracking sign-in sheets and member participation at various union events throughout the year. The program recognizes three “Tiers” of activism using a point system: Silver, Gold, and Purple Platinum for our most active members.

We also give an award that includes an SEIU jacket to our “Organizing Stars” – members who sign up ten new members or more in a year.

We salute all of our Star Activists! They are:

SILVER Tier       

Michael Alfonsetti, Cynthia Allen, Kathryn Ashworth, Karen Burleson, Cynthia Brandon, Melinda Brown, Alicia Buffar, Durwood Burks, Brenda Burton, Sheila Conn, Kim Cort, Jeff Fenton, Linda Goins, Katrina Green, Brook Crymes-Jones, MaShanda Hatcher, Sweet Hatchett, Kat Hogan, Shawn Hutson, Sebrina Jackson, James Maxwell, Elvis Merriweather, Erica Neal, Cora Pinkerton, Deborah Roberts, Rhonda Roberts, Leitia Roland, Rosalyn Scruggs, Tiffany Silk, Katherine Smith, Marcellus Ward, Jack Watkins, Sallie Woodard, Matthew Woodside

GOLD Tier        2019_StarActivists-Gold copy

Margo Baker, James Bradley, James Brown III, Richard Brown, Bethan Davies, Dave Davis, Ronald Elliott, Earl Fields, Deon Floyd, Charlie Hall, Alicia Halliburton, Barbara Hill, Bobbie House, David Imlay, Dave Martin, Scott McDonald, Marcos Mikasobe, Alyssa Murray, Ellie Newell, Elaine Owens, Joan Parmer, Lyman Parsell, Ruby Parson, Tiffany Price


2019_StarActivists-PurplePlat copy

Russell Anthony, Havron Boyd, Nat King Cole, Johnny Davism, Donald Dotson, Doreen Draper, Tracy Fair, Alisa Franklin, Lilldeus Hereth, Candace Hyde, Gloria Jones, Robert Ledford, Forestine Lee, Devita Pryor-McGee, Diane Moore, Jenna Rasnic, Vanessa Robertson-Sanders, Stephen Russell, Brenda Shields, Tom Slaten, Alonzo Strickland, Derris Warren, Melissa Wells, Steve West, Berry Woods

Organizing Stars

2019_StarActivists-Organizing copy

Havron Boyd, Nat King Cole, Johnny Davis, Alicia Halliburton, Robert Ledford, Devita McGee-Pryor, Vanessa Robertson-Sanders, Lill Russell, Derris Warren

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