SEIU Endorses Candidates in 2019 Metro Council Election!

The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 205 announced their endorsed candidates for Nashville’s Metro Council elections to be held on August 1, 2019.

The candidates were interviewed and chosen by a committee of rank and file members of our union. The members of this committee are Davidson County residents who work for Metro Government, Metro Nashville Public Schools, and Nashville General Hospital. This committee chose to endorse…

At-Large    Bob Mendes
At-Large    Sharon Hurt
At-Large    Fabian Bedne
At-Large    Burkley Allen
At-Large    Zulfat Suara
At-Large    Gary Moore
At-Large    Gicola Lane

District 4    Mike Cortese
District 6    Brett Withers
District 9    Tonya Hancock
District 10   Zach Young
District 12   Erin Evans
District 13   Russ Bradford
District 16   Ginny Welsch
District 17   Colby Sledge
District 18   Tom Cash
District 19   Freddie O’Connell
District 21   Ed Kindall
District 22   Gloria Hausser
District 24   Kathleen Murphy
District 27   Bob Nash
District 28   Tanaka Vercher
District 29   Delishia Porterfield
District 30   Sandra Sepulveda
District 31   John Rutherford
District 32   Cheryl Mayes
District 33   Antoinette Lee
District 35  Dave Rosenberg

The union’s committee has not yet made a decision on endorsing a candidate for Mayor.

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