ACTION ALERT — Contact the Metro Council and Ask That They Fight for Our Schools!

You’ve heard by now that the Mayor’s budget leaves our schools about $17 million short and does not include a raise for support staff at MNPS. That means that even though the city is in the middle of a boom and even though MNPS administrators intended to give support staff raises… our schools, our children, and our paychecks are at risk.

This is unacceptable and we are urging ALL MNPS employees to reach out to the Metro Council members as soon as possible and hold them accountable to the promises they have made in the past to fully fund the MNPS operating budget.

What You Can Do … Call or Write to a Metro Council Member!

Click to CALL or EMAIL a Metro Council member about this year’s budget.

We encourage you to tell your own personal story about what it means to be denied a raise or the impact these cuts will have on our children, but if you prefer another message, try one of these by copying & pasting into your email text or by leaving a voicemail…

  • Nashville’s a “boomtown”, but only for the wealthy and they don’t need our help. It’s no secret that many of us are being priced out of our homes by this “boom” and a study by the Economic Policy Institute found that a family of four needs to earn about $80,000 to live in Nashville today. Not giving us a raise makes us fall behind even more and could force hard-working people to move out of the county. That just makes our revenue problems worse and does not respect the sacrifices that working families have been making for the city all these years.
  • The city’s first obligation is to its citizens and city services – not to corporate special interests. We’ve spent 10 years and tens of millions of dollars on downtown and big projects like the Convention Center and now a soccer stadium and it has gotten us debt and gridlock. Now we are facing cuts to schools and city services. It’s time to tell big business and the Chamber of Commerce that the store is closed until our city can get its finances right.
  • We have a revenue problem because some large companies and developers in Nashville are not paying their fair share. Reports in the local papers show that in the recent property assessment, it was large multi-million dollar properties like Opry Mills Mall and others who got about 80% of the tax breaks in the reappraisal. These companies and developers are hiring high-priced lawyers and accountants to find tax loopholes for them while the rest of us see our own property taxes and rents going up. The city needs to aggressively go after these property owners and get back as much of that revenue as possible – especially the companies that already got a tax break by being in a “development district” and are essentially double-dipping so they don’t have to pay taxes like the rest of us do.

What You Can Do … Meet w/ a Council Member this Tuesday!

Now is the time to make face-to-face contact with council members so they can hear how these proposed cuts will impact you and your family.

SEIU is hosting a Meet-and-Greet with council members at the Courthouse from 4:30-6 pm this coming Tuesday, May 15.

Since this is a regularly scheduled council meeting, if you park in the garage underneath the Courthouse, parking is free!

Here are directions to the Courthouse (it is on James Robertson Parkway across from where the jail used to be). After you go through security, go up the stairs on the right – we will gather in the lobby outside of the Council chambers.

Please try to attend and bring either a co-worker or family member with you!


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