July 2017

Slow and Steady Approach Brings Change to Lincoln Tech!

Lincoln_Staff-2016What used to be called “Nashville Auto Diesel College” was a family-owned college that was founded in 1919. NADC was bought by a corporation in 2003 and is now known as Lincoln College of Technology.

SEIU Local 205 represents instructors at Lincoln and their role is to educate and prepare students for a career path of their choice in the automotive repair industry.

Before the takeover by Lincoln, instructors were faced with aggressive and unethical practices by management forcing them to work long hours and making it a stressful and unfulfilling workplace. In 2000, instructors came together and decided they needed representation in order to make the changes on the job they wanted to see. SEIU Local 205 was there to help and stood with the instructors as they made their stand and conducted a two-week strike to get Management to the bargaining table. With this act of solidarity, the instructors demonstrated that Management’s hardball tactics were not going to be tolerated.

The negotiating team worked hard on the first union contract, which among other things guaranteed strong wages and benefits, job security, and a process to hold Management accountable. Internally, the union leadership at Lincoln has been consistent about meetings and receiving training from Local 205 on how to build power and get good results for the membership. “The main goals that our union stewards focus on is to train and to keep the membership posted on updates,” says Lyman Parsell, chief steward at Lincoln. “Training and communication has also been very helpful in dealing with representation in times of trouble.”

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Union Steward Wins $7,500 Scholarship!

Local 205 president Brad Rayson and scholarship winner Recco Seay.

Local 205 president Brad Rayson and scholarship winner Recco Seay.

Long-time SEIU member, steward, and union officer Recco Seay Sr. was the recipient of this year’s Cecil D. Branstetter Memorial Scholarship, awarded by Nashville law firm Branstetter, Stranch & Jennings.

The scholarship is for $7,500 and Recco plans to use it to complete his doctorate. Recco’s dream is to graduate at the same time as his son, who is also attending college.


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SEIU Helps Win “Paid Family Leave” Benefit for Metro Employees!

Thanks to ongoing advocacy by SEIU and its members, Metro Government employees in Nashville now receive paid family leave as part of their benefits package.

The new benefit allows Metro Government employees to have approximately six weeks of paid time off upon the birth or adoption of a child, or to care for a seriously ill spouse, parent, or child. The benefit is available for employees who have worked for Metro Government for at least 6 months. Employees did not have access to any paid family leave plan prior to passage. No state law in Tennessee or U.S. federal law currently provides for paid family leave.

The new benefit was made possible due to SEIU’s presence and activism on the Mayor’s Council On Gender Equity. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to Mayor Megan Barry and “will assess identified gender inequity issues and develop recommended solutions… that reflects the needs of all”.

Union members James Staub (Nashville Public Library) and Alisa Utley (Emergency Communications Center) were critical in the final stages of the Council’s work by providing testimony about the struggles they face. From the Council’s report:

Library_JamesStaub“…When [James’] wife found out they were expecting twins James began to worry about how he would juggle the needs of a demanding career and the needs of his family. They already had a toddler son at home and the juggling act of two working parents was difficult, before the twins. James knew that his boss would be as helpful as possible but he was concerned because he loved his job and he was good at it but he also wanted to be present in his family responsibilities. He was concerned that he would need to use all of his leave time to care for his family and then heaven forbid if he got sick himself he would be out of time and could therefore face disciplinary action.”

911_AlisaUtley“Alisa’s… mom was diagnosed with late term Leukemia. She was home bound and needed Alisa to take her to all her doctor appointments and treatments. Her Father was blind and had been cared for by her Mother but he too became dependent on Alisa for all of his daily needs. Alisa felt lucky to be able to work the overnight shift so she could care for both of her parents during the day. This went on for 8 years. During that period, the emotional stress of being a good employee and a good daughter was exhausting yet Alisa did it and continues to be a valuable employee to her department today. She says that she wished for flexibility of time so that she could have lessened the toll of caretaking and work.”

This is the end result of advocacy, action, and making politics work in favor of working people. Thanks to James and Alisa for sharing their stories with the Council On Gender Equity so that all Metro employees can enjoy this benefit which not only helps them and their families, but also ensures that the public continues to receive quality service.

The paid family leave benefit is the first item acted upon and passed by the Gender Equity Council. The Council will continue to be active for at least two more years.

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New Union Contract @ Lincoln College Brings New Benefits for Workers!

Lincoln_Stewards-2016Led by a strong Bargaining Committee, faculty at Lincoln College of Technology negotiated one of their strongest union contracts in decades. SEIU Local 205 has represented Lincoln (formerly known as Nashville Auto Diesel College) staff since 2000 and their role is to educate and prepare students for a career path of their choice in the automotive repair industry.

“We are proud of the hard work that went into our new contract, we’re grateful for all the support and resources that Local 205 has to offer, and as a result, we are proud of the education we provide our students,” said Lyman Parsell, the union’s chief steward.

The new agreement expires in 2020 and includes the following improvements:

  • Wage increases totaling $2.15/hr over three years
  • Company (not employees) pay for short term disability benefit
  • $10,000 increase in life insurance coverage paid by company
  • Improvements to grievance procedure
  • More flexibility in using paid sick leave for doctor visits
  • New 10×4 work schedule for Collision Department which gives flexibility to Lincoln but also protects employees’ rights
  • New health insurance plan through a union trust fund starting in 2018. Good benefits with affordable rates with additional life insurance and vision benefit included. Set benefits for three years, instead of the company plan that could change every year. Only moderate increases in instructor contributions over the three years
  • Stop company from eliminating the employer match on the 401k benefit
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Union Leader Named Employee of the Month @ MMC!

Members_SarahEnglehardtSarah Englehardt, a licensed practical nurse at Methodist Medical Center in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, has been named “MMCer of the Month” (the company’s name for an employee of the month) for June. Sarah, a union representative, steward, and member of the union’s negotiating team, described the honor as “fabulous” and has been with Methodist since 2002.

Sarah has been described by her co-workers as a great nurse and a co-worker that employees enjoy being around. Sarah displays a can-do attitude and often says “we got this” when facing a challenge on the job. Sarah creates tools that save time for nurses when completing databases, she organizes her unit, and she takes pride in the care she delivers.

“Sarah is a champion for bedside shift report and involves the patient in their care every day,” said the MMC employee who nominated Sarah for the award. “Every patient, every family member, every co-worker knows her name. Sarah’s number one priority is the patient. She will be the patient advocate, call physicians and work with case management to ensure that her patients are cared for the best they can be.” Sarah is also considered to be one of the ‘go-to’ people in the hospital for anything to do with the union or the union contract. She does all this while also attending University of Tennessee-Knoxville to complete her RN-BSN degree and while raising a family of five children.

Congratulations to Sarah for winning the June award and thanks for all of her years of service in helping build the union at MMC and representing the membership well!

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