May 2017

Edna Jones Wins Re-Election to MEBB!

SEIU_for_EdnaJones_promo201We are proud to report that Edna Jones was handily re-elected in the Metro Employee Benefit Board election which was held on May 25.

According to the unofficial results, Edna won with nearly 60% of the vote in a field of six candidates. She won all but one of the six voting precincts spread across Davidson County.

Edna would like to thank all of the members of Local 205 who campaigned for her and those who voted. “I am honored to have another three year term, an opportunity to protect and preserve our benefits, and to insure that your service pension is viable and available when you are ready to retire,” Edna said.

The Metro Employee Benefit Board, manages and administers city employee benefit plans as well as the retirement plans. They also hear reviews and appeals of injured-on-duty cases, disability cases, they oversee the structure and rates for employee and retiree health insurance plans, and they are a forum for any changes or adjustments to employee benefit programs including the pension. There are ten MEBB members. Half are appointed by the mayor and the other half are elected by the group of employees they represent. Edna is one of two representatives for General Government and MNPS employees.

Edna has the distinction of serving as chair of the MEBB for the most consecutive terms. Her current term takes effect once the election results are certified and accepted by the Civil Service Commission. She was elected to a three-year term which begins on July 1, 2017.

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Local 205 Endorses Edna Jones for Metro Benefit Board Election on 5/25!

SEIU_for_EdnaJones_promo201SEIU Local 205 is proud to endorse Edna Jones for re-election to the Metro Employee Benefit Board!

Edna, a Metro employee for over 32 years, has served as a General Government representative on the Metro Employee Benefit Board since 2005 and as chairperson of the Board since 2009. She remains committed to promoting the best interests of all Metro employees and will continue to work to insure the best benefits and pension plans are provided. Edna believes experience matters and uses her experience to understand and connect with all Metro Government employees.  She will make no idle promises which cannot be kept but will always be available to answer questions from all employees and research to find the correct answer if it is not readily available.

The Benefit Board election will be conducted by machine vote on Thursday, May 25, 2017. Hours vary by location so see the chart below. Employees will only need a photo ID in order to vote – a paycheck stub is no longer required. This election is only open to current, non-retired Metro Government employees (excluding Police and Fire employees) who are enrolled in at least one Metro Benefit plan (note: Hospital Authority employees are eligible to vote if they were hired before November 2010). 

 Location Time
Ben West Building: Lobby
100 James Robertson Parkway
Lentz Public Health Center: Centennial Room C
2500 Charlotte Ave.
Lindsley Hall: Entrance Lobby
730 2nd Ave. South
Metro Southeast: Break Room
1417 Murfreesboro Pike (Genesco Park)
Public Works: Roll Call Room (Operations Bldg)
740 South 5th Street
Water Services: 2nd floor Training Rm (Admin. Bldg)
1600 2nd Ave. North

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Political Update: A Wave of Anti-Union Bills Defeated @ State Capitol!


SEIU member leaders lobby to protect health care for all at the state legislature.

The anti-union bills filed at the Tennessee General Assembly this session either failed or were withdrawn from the legislative agenda, including:

HB 115 (Alexander): Certain prohibitions of payroll deductions for public employees, including a prohibition on a state agency or local government from deducting and remitting from an employee’s payroll any dues of an employee association.


HB 356 (Dunn)/SB 404 (Gresham): Payroll deduction of dues to professional employees’ organizations. This bill makes dues deduction an option for school systems in the Tennessee. This bill states that if a school system makes payroll deduction to one professional employee association it must make availability to all professional employees associations with the employee’s authorization must be in writing and the employee can stop the dues deduction at any time. This bill allows the schools to charge up to 10% of the dues collected to process the dues deduction.



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Bernie Sanders Supports Vanderbilt Unionization!

The most popular politician in America, Senator Bernie Sanders, has written a letter in support of Vanderbilt faculty who are seeking to organize a union with SEIU. Read Senator Sanders’ letter here.

Recently, the NLRB issued a decision directing an election at Vanderbilt among certain eligible non-tenure-track faculty. That election is set to be held by mail ballot beginning on May 15.

Ballots will be counted on June 6. Stay tuned to our Facebook page for the latest updates.


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