Chattanooga Members Nominate New Leaders!

The main order of business at the October chapter meeting of the Chattanooga city government chapter was to nominate a slate of shop stewards and chapter officers to represent the membership beginning in January, 2016.

Nominations included Robert Ledford for chief steward and Nancy Nason for recording secretary.

Because there were two nominees for deputy chief steward – Alonzo Strickland and Terry Davis – an election will be held for this office.

In the shop steward positions, the members nominated were:

Police Civilians: Susan Contreras
City Hall: Charise Hughey
Public Works/City Wide Services: Alonzo Strickland (DCS nominee) and Stephen West
Public Works/Moccasin Bend Plant: Jay Wilson, Terry Davis (DCS nominee), Gennifer Coffey
Public Works/Parks: Todd Weller
YFD/Head Start: Cyndy Workman, Cantus Griffith, Lanita Montgomery
YFD/Recreation: Sharron Pryor
Public Library: Robert Hart

Elections will be held on Thursday, November 26 at the union hall. The positions are two-year terms.

For more information, contact your shop steward or your union representative.

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