Metro Government Workers Negotiate New M.O.U.!

We are happy to announce that bargaining with Metro Government has come to an end as the membership voted on July 31 to approve a new Memorandum of Understanding (also called the “M.O.U.”).

The M.O.U. is an agreement between SEIU Local 205 and Metro Government that governs relations between the union and Metro. Among other things, it lays out the union’s exclusive rights to represent Metro employees. It also gives us the right to bargain through meet-and-confer sessions on everything from the employee payplan to departmental policies, procedures, and rules. The M.O.U. also sets the parameters that allow for the Union to meet with workers, conduct meetings, release employees for union business, and represent them in disciplinary hearings and grievances. Negotiations with Metro began back in March once the union’s Bargaining Committee was selected.

The Bargaining Committee, which we reported on in the May issue of The Public Worker, was made up of rank-and-file Metro employees from different departments who are members in good standing of Local 205. The Bargaining Committee met with representatives from Metro H.R. on a host of issues and negotiated a new agreement that both sides felt comfortable with. Having a Tentative Agreement, the Committee recommended a Yes vote to the Union’s membership and notice was sent out informing Metro members of a Ratification Vote, which was held on July 31 at the Union Hall in Woodbine. The membership voted unanimously to support the new M.O.U. and it was signed by Mayor Karl Dean, his representatives, and—on the union’s side—by the Union President and the Bargaining Committee members.

“I’d like to thank the Bargaining Committee for all the hard work they did on the new M.O.U.,” said Doug Collier, president of Local 205. “There were some good improvements made in this agreement that lay the groundwork for us to develop an employee sick bank and to participate in the upcoming Mercer study—both of which affect nearly all city employees.”

The Bargaining Committee was made up of Daryl Hawkins (General Services), Robert Gilmer (Sheriff’s Office), James Bradley (Water Services), Thom Brown (911/ECC), Julie Burns (Public Library), Russ Anthony (Social Services), Rick Beasley (911/ECC), and James Staub (Public Library).

The Metro Government M.O.U. is valid until Dec. 31, 2014. Copies of the agreement are available at the Union office.


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