August 2011

New Cadet Class at DCSO Joins Local 205!

Your union continues to grow in strength and numbers in 2011 and a recent example is the new cadet class for the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

On Aug. 8 during a new hire orientation, 24 new DCSO employees decided to join SEIU Local 205.

“This is the largest single group to sign up for the union out of the Sheriff’s Office as long as anyone can remember,” said Robert Gilmer, a corrections officer and union steward who was key to the organizing effort. “What this tells me is that public employees are starting to figure out that in today’s political and economic climate, they need to protect themselves and the union is the best way they can do that.”

The last new cadet class at the DCSO signed up in large numbers as well and was mentioned in the Winter 2010 edition of the Local’s statewide newsletter, The Volunteer.

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NES Members Approve New Five-Year Contract!

NES workers discuss their concerns at the Courthouse before a Metro Council meeting.

NES workers discuss their concerns at the Courthouse before a Metro Council meeting.

SEIU members at Nashville Electric Service voted overwhelmingly to approve an historic new five-year agreement that brings great improvements in pay and benefits for current employees and retirees.

“This is one of the best union contracts that our members have ever won and it may be one of the best in any industry in the southeast,” said Shane Lankford, a senior meter technician who also serves as the NES chapter’s 1st Vice President, Local 205’s Executive Vice President and participated as one of the seven NES bargaining team members.

The contract guarantees a minimum of 10% raise over five years and possibly more depending on the cost of living index. SEIU members also won major new benefits in their health and retirement package, including an improvement in NES retirees’ prescription drug coverage, new coverage for various surgeries and tests, and a comprehensive vision plan that covers workers and their families. Employees also now have an option to take up to 35% lump sum option at the time of their retirement. The Union also won an increase in the uniform allowance.

Members attribute the contract victory to: strong leadership, solidarity, and participation from members throughout the entire process.

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